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Your Friday Briefing

2020-06-05 04:07:32

Europe’s central bank said Thursday it would double the size of its purchases o corporate bonds to $1.5 trillion — a larger-than-expected stimulus to the eurozone.

It comes a week after the European Commission said it planned to raise 750 billion euros for pandemic recovery by selling bonds backed by all 27 members of the European Union.

The speedy response is a surprise after the infighting during the eurozone debt crisis that began in 2010, where the euro avoided collapse only because the European Central Bank stepped in.

Context: The European Central Bank’s staff economists forecast on Thursday that the eurozone economy would slump by 9 percent this year, with a deeper slump possible. “It looks as if Europe finally got the message,” said a chief eurozone economist for ING Bank.

Not only do we miss hugs, we need them. Physical affection reduces stress by calming our sympathetic nervous system, which during times of worry releases damaging stress hormones into our bodies. In one series of studies, just holding hands with a loved one reduced the distress of an electric shock.

If you need a hug, take precautions. Wear a mask. Hug outdoors. Try to avoid touching the other person’s body or clothes with your face and your mask. Don’t hug someone who is coughing or has other symptoms.


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