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Trump to Pardon Susan B. Anthony

2020-08-18 20:57:34

The pardon for Anthony would be the 26th of his presidency and, like most others Mr. Trump has issued, it drew criticism from Democrats, including Kathy Hochul, the lieutenant governor of New York.

“As highest ranking woman elected official in New York and on behalf of Susan B. Anthony’s legacy we demand Trump rescind his pardon,” Ms. Hochul wrote on Twitter. “She was proud of her arrest to draw attention to the cause for women’s rights, and never paid her fine. Let her Rest In Peace, @realdonaldtrump.”

Mr. Trump, who has repeatedly been accused of sexual harassment or assault and who has often made degrading comments about women, is facing a deep gender gap in his campaign against Mr. Biden. On Tuesday, surrounded by several female supporters, Mr. Trump declared that “women dominate the United States” and complained that the coronavirus pandemic had darkened the economic picture for women.

The announcement also provided Mr. Trump with another opportunity to preemptively question the results of the election in November should Americans opt for mail-in voting. Recent polls show that political views on the process are sharply divided: More than half of Republicans say mail-in voting cannot be trusted, while nearly half of Mr. Biden’s supporters plan to vote by mail, according to an NBC-Wall Street Journal poll published on Monday.

When asked by reporters about the concept of mail-in voting, Mr. Trump attacked the practice, falsely claiming that dogs and cats received ballots to vote en masse. Mr. Trump also floated the idea that the 2020 election would need to be redone should Americans rely on a system that would let everyone vote by mail.

“You can’t take millions of ballots, send them haphazardly all over the country or all over the state, and expect it to come out properly,” Mr. Trump said. “Universal is going to be a disaster, the likes of which our country has never seen. It will end up being a rigged election or they will never come out with an outcome. They’ll have to do it again, and nobody wants that, and I don’t want that.”

He then invited Ms. Mitchell, whom he called “one of the great lawyers,” to the lectern to speak.

“All of us can name multiple times when we’ve sent a letter across town and it either didn’t get there or came back undeliverable,” Ms. Mitchell said. “We should have Election Day, we shouldn’t have election three months and we sure should be able to know by election night who won.”


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