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Biden’s Choice

2020-08-10 10:27:19

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2. The state of the country. The challenges presented by the pandemic have some progressives pushing Elizabeth Warren, the policy-minded Massachusetts senator.

Protests over police brutality have strengthened other Democrats’ calls for a Black running mate. Beyond Rice and Senator Kamala Harris of California, top contenders include Karen Bass, who leads the Congressional Black Caucus, and Val Demings, a Florida congresswoman.

3. Someone who “does no harm.” Biden seems to want a running mate who won’t present an easy target for President Trump — though Democrats are well aware that Republicans will attack the eventual nominee regardless of who she is. Harris, who ran for president last year, “is widely seen as a ‘safe’ pick,” says Katie.

Republicans say they’re energized to go after Rice over her role in responding to the 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya. Bass has backtracked on her past praise for Fidel Castro and Scientology. And some progressives have criticized Harris’s and Demings’s law-enforcement backgrounds.

4. The succession question. Biden’s age, and the possibility that he may not seek a second term if he wins, could make his vice president an instant party leader. Some advisers have reportedly dinged Harris’s presidential “ambition” — a sexist double standard, writes The Times’s Jessica Bennett.

Meanwhile, other contenders have suggested they don’t want to be president. But those intimations don’t always last, Katie notes: “When Barack Obama selected Biden as his running mate, he was not seen as likely to pursue the presidency himself.”

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The emergency funds Trump directed to extend unemployment benefits will most likely run dry quickly. His order on evictions, on its own, won’t help renters on the brink of losing their housing. And Democrats, who dismissed Trump’s actions as unconstitutional, could go to court to challenge his order to defer payroll taxes, among others.

The fourth measure, to extend relief for student loan borrowers, seems likely to be the easiest to carry out.

Here’s some advice — both pandemic-specific and evergreen — to help you find happiness in a difficult time.

“Guiding Light” was the longest-running show in broadcast history when it went off the air in 2009. It was also owned by Procter & Gamble — an arrangement that helped give rise to the term “soap opera.”

Early soap companies pioneered many modern advertising techniques in the U.S., including creating needs people didn’t realize they had, then meeting them. (“B.O.,” for example, began as a marketing term.) A new book, “Clean: The New Science of Skin,” explores what all the 10-step skin care routines, scrubbing and deodorizing you’ve been told are necessary are actually doing for your skin. The journalist Brooke Jarvis reviewed it for The New Yorker.


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